Error updating attached MS-Access 2.0 tables 
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 Error updating attached MS-Access 2.0 tables

I am currently modifying the structure of a secure MS-Access 2.0
database I developed a year ago.

The tables used to be in the same database as the User Interface, the
queries and the modules.  The tables are now in separate databases, and
I have attached the tables.  I am updating the tables using a
procedure.  Everything used to work fine when the table were in the same
database as the UI.  I have changed my code to open the attached tables
as OPEN_DYNASET instead of OPEN_TABLE and I now invoke
<recordset>.FINDFIRST instead of <recordset>.SEEK, etc.  However, as
soon as the line <tablename>.Update is processed, my database containing
the tables crashes and I have to repair it.  I am updating three tables
at the same time.  In my previous program, I used to update two at the
same time and it did not cause any problem.  (I have full rights on all

I am testing on a Win95 client, but this is a MS-Access 2.0 database
used mainly on Win31 clients.  Any help & tips are appreciated.

Pascal Godbout

Mon, 06 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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