DateDiff using multiple controls....hhheeelllppp PLEASE. 
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 DateDiff using multiple controls....hhheeelllppp PLEASE.


How's this:

First, put the date and times together.

StartDtTm = CDate(Format(StartDate,"d mmm yyyy") & " " & Format(StartTime,
FinishDtTm = CDate(Format(FinishDate,"d mmm yyyy") & " " &
Format(FinishTime, "hh:nn"))

Get the difference in hours.

Hrs = DateDiff("h", StartDtTm, FinishDtTm)

Get the difference in days.

Dys = DateDiff("d", StartDtTm, FinishDtTm)

Subtract 12 hours for each day.

Hrs = Hrs - (Dys * 12)

Note that this is straight off the top of my head - untried, no guarantees.
Hope it helps.


> I have four fields:
> StartTime
> StartDate
> FinishTime
> FinishDate

> I want to find out the hours and minutes it takes to finish something
> starting.

> My Problem:
> DateDiff seems to give back a result when using two fields.  I have four.

> Another Problem:
> I only want hours to run on an 8am - 8pm clock.  For example, if it took
> exactly 2 days to finish an event, the difference between Start and

> Can someone please help?  I am stuck and going crazy.

> Thank you to all those that attempt.

Fri, 14 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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