Help Needed - Passing Value from Access 97 to Word 97 Macro 
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 Help Needed - Passing Value from Access 97 to Word 97 Macro

i'm using Access 97 - Word 97

i have a Mail Merge doc linked to my database.
I'd like to setup up some parameters in an admin form in the database.

like the Name and Location i'd like the newly created document to be stored.

currently i use an autoopen macro in word, but every time i want to rename
or save the document in a different location i have to go into the Mailmerge
template and change the Save As line in the autoopen macro.

Is it possible to pass this information to the autoopen macro directly from
Access 97!

Or.... should i delete the autoopen macro and complete all tasked directly
from Access?

i'd rarther pass these few changeable parameters to the macro if possible!

Please Advise



Sun, 18 Jul 2004 22:14:06 GMT  
 Help Needed - Passing Value from Access 97 to Word 97 Macro
I've managed to solve this.

it seems the best way is to create a word.application object, then any
macros can be created directly from whichever office application you like to
use as the controller.

it seems thought if there are any errors during the object creation, and the
code breaks while word is still invisible, the object remains open at the
stage it reached before breaking!

i think this is solved by added an On Error line to the code to delete the
object and clean up.


Mon, 19 Jul 2004 00:12:40 GMT  
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