Memory leaks using shell from VBA with winAPI kernel32 
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 Memory leaks using shell from VBA with winAPI kernel32

I am trying to run bat file that calls pgp, waits to
ensure that the bat file has finished and then continues
unless a response isn't received. I picked the following
code up from a book and adapted it. I am finding though
that the number of handles and total commit charge of
memory increase after each call and do not get released
until I exit from Access. Any ideas? I've tried issuing a
CloseHandle call at the end of the routine but it didn't
seem to do anything.

hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, 1, _
Shell(strCommand, vbMinimizedNoFocus))

' *** Process runs asynchronously - produce error if it
times out

lngStartTime = timeGetTime
booTimeOut = False
   GetExitCodeProcess hProcess, retval
   lngNow = timeGetTime
   If (lngNow - lngStartTime) / 1000 > intPgpTimeout Then
       booTimeOut = True
   End If
Loop While retval = STILL_ACTIVE And Not booTimeOut

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 22:50:06 GMT  
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