Opening Access 97 mdb file with Windows 2000 
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 Opening Access 97 mdb file with Windows 2000

Access 97 was loaded from MS cd on machine with w2000 os.  
It worked correctly for a long time but then stopped
opening the mdb file.  Mdb files with just tables open
correctly but when I open the front file that has the
forms, quearys and other functions,  the front file never
opens and I get the message:

"<process has already exited> has generated errors and
will be closed by Windows.  You will need to restart the

I suspect errors in the registry but don't know what way
to go.  Uninstalling and re-installing Access doesn't help.

Trouble started with the "Run-time error '429', ActiveX
component can't creat object" message but has gone to this

The mdb file can be opened by other machines on the
network and if I access the same mdb file on other network
machines, using this machine with os2000, I get the
same "process has already closed" message.

DAO3.51 is used(at least in the mdb file).

Thanks for any help.


Mon, 05 Dec 2005 04:14:27 GMT  
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