Outlook Calling Word App 
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 Outlook Calling Word App

I am running a macro from Outlook that calls the Word
Application.   This macro will find a text file, open it
in word, do some formatting, archive the file, attach it
to the email that is currently open, then close Word.

This program works fine the first time, but If I want to
run it again, I have to go into VBA/Tools/References
deselect the "Micrsoft Word 8.0 Library", click on the OK
button, then go back and select it again.  

The error message that I'm getting is:
Run-time error '462'   The remote server machine does not
exist or is unavailable.

It is stopping on line 64 of the attached program, "With

Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


  Outlook Program for Steph.txt
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Wed, 18 May 2005 08:34:35 GMT  
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