Hourglass cursor in standard folder view (Inbox) ? 
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 Hourglass cursor in standard folder view (Inbox) ?

Hi all!

Sorry for crossposting a question, which maybe some faq-issue ... but ...

I've already searched the net and especially www.slipstick.com (a very, very
recommendable site! compliments!) for a way to programmatically change the
normal mousepointer to an hourglass cursor in a standard Outlook folder
(Inbox) view - no success.

I simply want to indicate to the user, that after clicking a macro button
Outlook is busy exporting data of customized items - out of an inbox to an
excel report - using a vb script I made.

I have found some information at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ , but cannot believe that
there is NO way to change the cursor programmatically when not working
with/in a customized form.

Isn't there something like "Screen.Mousepointer = 11", DoCmd. ... for the
Outlook-App-Object, Explorers and the like ?

Thx-a-lot in advance,

Fri, 07 Jan 2005 22:03:00 GMT  
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