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 More RunSQL issues

The message indicates that you have a bound form open (bound to this table).
Is the form where you are running the RunSQL statement in bound to this

You could consider using a delete query to empty the table, and then use
INSERT ... INTO rather than deleting the table and using SELECT ... INTO.

Joan Wild
Access MVP

> I did some more research on this and I'm now even more
> confused...
> If I manually run a Make Table query in my database, I get
> a "Make Table" warning, then a "Delete existing table"
> warning, and finally a "Paste records" warning.

> However, for some reason, my code is being prevented from
> deleting the table.  It is a secure database but I'm
> logged in as an Admin.
> My RunSQL statement stops when it attempts to delete the
> existing table but provides no error messages.  If I try
> to delete it manually, I get the attached error message.

> When I attemped a DeleteObject command, it also failed.
> Yet I can close the database, open it again and have no
> problem.

> For some reason, my code WILL NOT delete the table.

> Any suggestion, please.

Wed, 19 Jan 2005 00:28:09 GMT  
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