Real-time or background running of a process, a la spell check 
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 Real-time or background running of a process, a la spell check

This question may just be due to my poor understanding of
the workings of various Word features, but please bear
with me.

I need to write an application that checks the input into
a Word document against a specific dictionary.  I would
prefer to do this real-time, the way Spell Check works,
rather than check the entire document at the end.  I've
figured out how to replace the existing spell checker with
my custom spell checker, but there are situations where it
won't be a one-for-one replacement (e.g. if a particular
word is okay as a noun, but not as a verb; or if there are
several possible replacements).  In this case, I would
like to open a pop-up window or HTML Help file.  These
situations require a test and execution based on the
outcome of the test.

My question is then, is there anyway to have a VBA program
running constantly in the background that tests each word
against a database and takes the appropriate action?  I
can write the code, I just don't know how to activate
it/keep it running.  Setting it to run on an automatic
timer, every 1/2 second say, seems to be an inelegant

My question is, is ther

Tue, 23 Mar 2004 01:15:06 GMT  
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