SQL Query - MAX, Grouping and Sub query 
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 SQL Query - MAX, Grouping and Sub query


I am tryring to extract the most recent record from a table for a given ID


mainID        subID        Date_updated        Details......

20                 101        10/02/2002           ...........
20                 101        14/04/2002           ...........
20                 102        15/03/2002           ............
20                 102        15/06/2002            ................

I thought I could use grouping and MAX function


SELECT max(date_updated) as MaxDate, subID, policyID
WHERE mainID = 20

this returns

ID        subID        Date_created

20        101           14/04/2002
20        102           15/06/2002

this is good, however I need to return the other details in the table. By
selecting more fields to display it does not work as it wants to group them.
By putting this query into a sub query you are unable to do so as it returns
2 fields Date_created (for the max date thing) and Benefit ID which is what
i want to display the record by.

Any ideas anyone?

TIA Phil

Sat, 12 Mar 2005 18:04:22 GMT  
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