Subscript out of range error 
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 Subscript out of range error

I install Office 2000 Developer on my laptop and then I
installed Visual Studio 6.0.  Visual Basic loaded error
free until I ran a VBA project within Microsoft Word.  
Subsequent to that, when I load Viaual Basic I get an
error even before I load a project that states "Subsript
out of range".  This is not a coding error because the
error pops up while VB is loading without a project being
specified.  Does anyone know the cause of this error?  VB
seems to run fine after bypassing the error box but it
would be interesting to know what the cause is.  Should I
be installing Visual Studio 6 and then Office 2000
Developer?  Or is there a service pack update I should be
doing?   Thanks for any input.

Sat, 05 Feb 2005 00:52:18 GMT  
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