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Hi Jon

I think the unit displayed in the user interface (Format menu) is points (72
points = 1 inch), hence 12.75 translates to a little over one sixth of an

From VBA, however, the unit is TWIPs.  One twip is one "TWentIeth of a
Point", so 1440 twips = 1 inch.
Good Luck!
Graham Mandeno [Access MVP]
Auckland, New Zealand

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> So how do you know what your RowHeight is. I looked at it from the format
> menu and it showed 12.75. That is certainly not in the unit used in VB.
> do I convert? I tried doing some conversion, but the results I got didnt
> seem logical. I multiplied the 12.75 by 20 to convert to inches. Then I
> multiplied the Inches value by 1440 to convert to twips. I got 918. that
> doesnt look right. I guess dividing that by 12 should give me a pixel
> conversion, but neither that looks usual. What unit does vb expect it to
> set in?

Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:10:21 GMT  
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