Switchboard Manager-What Happened? 
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 Switchboard Manager-What Happened?

I appreciate any/all comments re: this question.  PLEASE I am a newbie so
your patience is appreciated!

I just found the Switchboard Manager - looked like a blessing!  To set up
the entire switchboard structure, main menu and corresponding menus, I
chose arbitrary events (just so they'd show up and I could get the
hierarchy down pat). BUT, as soon as I changed these events to apply to my
specific situation, things stopped working and now I get TYPE MISMATCH
errors when I try to get the switchboard manager item to open a specific
form or go to a specific switchboard (next level down).  I was hoping
someone could explain the fields in the underlying Switchboard Table so
that I could maybe make sense of it.  ANYONE?  This is driving me nuts!
P.S.  Access help says that all will be OK unless you work on the form in
design view.  Would redirecting the switchboard manager item to the
correct form{*filter*}this up?

MUCH THANKS as always for any/all help!

Sat, 04 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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