Access 2000: Create and save add-in/mda and mde files 
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 Access 2000: Create and save add-in/mda and mde files

You are mistaken here -- the procedure is the same for Access 2000/2002 as
it is for Access 95 and 97.

But an add-in does not make code available to other dbs -- referencing the
file is what does.

An MDE is clearly explained in help and elsewhere, its just a version of the
database that has all of the source code stripped so it is in a permanently
compiled state. This is good for both performance and security reasons.


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> I have created some functions that I want to make
> available to all Access mdb's with an add-in.  In Office
> 97 I seem to recall I could save the file as an mda and
> then just use Tools, Add-In Manager to add the Add-In but
> there doesn't seem to be an option in Access 2000 to save
> mda files.

> I have searched the MS KB and it suggests I need to create
> a USysRegInfo Table but it seems quite complex apart from
> the fact that the registry on my work PC is locked.

> Can I create and save an Add-In any other way?

> Also what is an mde file for?

Thu, 20 Jan 2005 03:23:20 GMT  
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