Table Layout and Drop down (vba to javascript) 
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 Table Layout and Drop down (vba to javascript)

I am trying to modify the table layout and add a drop down
option in MSP outside of MSP/VBA.  Does anyone know how I
can convert Microsoft Project VBA code into javascript? Or
suggestions on where else to post?


Table Layout : VBA syntax
 TableEdit Name:="Entry", TaskTable:=True, _
   newFieldName:="Flag1", Title:="Change Flag", _  
   Width:=12, ShowInMenu:=True, ColumnPosition:=2

 TableEdit Name:="Entry", TaskTable:=True, _
    newFieldName:="Text1", Title:="Category", Width:=12, _
    ShowInMenu:=True, ColumnPosition:=3

 TableApply "Entry"

Drop down : VBA syntax
Dim customList1, customList2, customList3

projectApp.CustomFieldProperties pjCustomTaskText3, _
  pjFieldAttributeValueList, pjCalcNone, False

customList1 = projectApp.CustomFieldValueListAdd _
 (pjCustomTaskText3, "Value1", "Description1")

customList2 = projectApp.CustomFieldValueListAdd _
 (pjCustomTaskText3, "Value2", "Description2")

customList3 = projectApp.CustomFieldValueListAdd _
 (pjCustomTaskText3, "Value3", "Description3", _

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