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 Halp - Modification date

I'm hoping someone can help.  I am using an add-in to Outlook the sync's my
desktop and my laptop.  It works great, but I have the following problem:

The program checks the Modification date of an item to determine if it
should be updated on the other computer.  Some actions cause the
modification date (or time) to change, and the sync program works great with
these items, but other actions don't update the modification date, and the
sync program doesn't update on the second machine, even if the contact, task
or calendar item has changed.  For example, if I change a phone number on a
contact, the mod time doesn't change, but if I delete the contact, it does,
if I change a due date from anything (any due date) to no due date, the mod
date doesn't change. etc.  Is there any way to configure Outlook 2002 to
automatically change the modification date every time a contact, task, or
calendar item is changed (in any way)?????????

Sat, 15 Jan 2005 16:05:31 GMT  
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