Dcount function - need help with the criteria part! 
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 Dcount function - need help with the criteria part!

As part of a query, I need to be able to select only part
of a field for a certain record to see if it fits in with
a query (I'm working with a database someone else created,
and the powers that be are used to the layout so they
don't want me to change it).  

So, I found DCount, which seems to do the trick mostly,
except for the fact that using the InStr function (see the
full statement below), rather than something more like one
would find in the where clause of a SQL Select statement,
gives me an "Object Required" message.  

Coll = DCount("Ques1", "SurveyResults", (InStr(1,
SurveyResults.Ques1, "Colleague", 1) <> 0))

Does anyone have an idea on how to get around this?  

Tue, 13 Dec 2005 23:20:32 GMT  
 Dcount function - need help with the criteria part!


>Coll = DCount("Ques1", "SurveyResults", (InStr(1,
>SurveyResults.Ques1, "Colleague", 1) <> 0))

The third argument of DCount should be a text string which evaluates
to a legal SQL WHERE clause without the WHERE: this doesn't.


DCount("Ques1", "SurveyResults", "(InStr(1, SurveyResults.Ques1,
""Colleague"") <> 0)")

I.e. put the whole expression in quotes, and double up the quotes
around Colleague.

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Wed, 14 Dec 2005 01:02:13 GMT  
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